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Our passion is your fire safety - for the whole family or business.


Expert training means protection

Experienced teachers for fire extinguisher training

Part of the power of fire extinguishers is knowing just where to point the device for the most effective result. Our experts can train all of your employees and family members how to do it right. Plus, our new fire extinguisher simulator means we can train anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Top-quality fire protection training

- Employees learn the most effective techniques

- Family members benefit too

- Everyone in the business or home is qualified

- Fires are extinguished much more quickly

- More equipment, records and your business are protected

- Our simulator makes training easy and fun

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Training an entire crew or your whole family can be expensive. So all of us here at ABC Fire & Safety, Inc. are happy to visit and offer FREE estimates on full training certification packages, or "train-the-trainer" options. Our passion is your fire safety, and we want to help you get it any way we can.

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Fire extinguisher training is just a part of total fire protection for your business or home. ABC Fire & Safety, Inc. sells all the fire safety accessories you need to make sure your home and business are always safe. Contact us to make an appointment.